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Redesign Your Body.
Eliminate Autis &
Start Living as New.

Tired of slow and costly stem cell therapy?

Introducing Nada Yoga - the groundbreaking innovation that can format and farm stem cells in your brain at an astonishing 10X faster rate than traditional methods. In just a matter of days, Nada Yoga reorganizes and replaces damaged cells, leading to a complete redesign of your body's health.

This video provides a comprehensive explanation of the daily development of the body with Cerebral Palsy. It is a 42-day step-by-step video that allows you to see the progression frame by frame until the end.

The first 21 days of the redesign process are not included in this video, as they depict the body's deformity and mental retardation, which is not suitable for public viewing. The remaining portion of the video showcases the progress over the next 23 days, which is the standard time required for the recovery of a patient from cerebral palsy.

The Great Himalayan Nada Yoga Guru is Managing your Redesign Process 

Our body has two algorithms. They are the prepartum body and postpartum body. If the syncing is failed with two bodies, that body is shown as Autism, disability, or a rare disease. This body can be redesigned to eliminate any disability, autism, or other rare diseases in a few weeks. This is a guaranteed outcome Read More

We will take responsibility of the body and mind. Our methodology is to take the person and develop and redesign them according to the Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga protocols. We organize the redesigning of each person as a project, and we start work on it. This process is purely based on Yoga techniques and no medicine or taking will be given. After redesign in good condition, we will send back this person in prescribed period. This period will be 28-42 days. 

Time has changed. You need to protect yourself from rare diseases, AMR, and disabilities. The ancient Himalayan knowledge of Kayakalpa Yoga and Nada Yoga will help you recover from rare diseases and AMR. Read More


What We Offer

Workflows That Work

Redesigning a human body is a process that takes place through different approaches towards the body and mind. It is primarily done with Kayakalpa Yoga and Nada Yoga. Through this process, autism and other conditions will be eliminated in 4 to 6 weeks permanently. For more information you have to visit the FAQ or blogs.



We organize the technology uniquely as per the complaints of the body or mind. We are perfectly aware of how to deal with rare diseases or human conditions. The human body is an incredibly complex organism that is constantly changing and evolves with time. As per the ups and downs of problems and it definitions we will create application algorithm uniquely for every different person.


We have definite theories about human conditions and their algorithm. As per that, the expected results are given in writing before starting the course. And we are guaranteed to give that result without hesitation. Naturally there are individual diffrence one to other. But the subject and object is the human body. For that we have methodology to understand the problems and solutions with it.

Let us work


The combination of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga is an effective way to solve human conditions and rare diseases. The technical expert of this topic with the definition of human biology for disabilities should be a learned expert. For that, we have an expert with us. We will use his service and understand the preciously hidden knowledge for building a better tomorrow

The human conditions are changeable with appropriate solutions from different schools

Modern medicine people says a condition is not changeable ! But we have to understand they built a theory for drug dispensing only. But disabilities has different theory and anatomy that is different from the schools of modern medicine . There is another anatomy and biology for disability and rare diseases from ancient school.

Sixty four Ancient Science together

Following natural way for recreation of the body and mind

No risk, that everything organizing naturally with no intaking

If you have a disease that has no cure by medicine and has no definition, we have a promise for you

If you are suffering from an illness that has been undiagnosed by all the medical doctors you have consulted, it can be an extremely frustrating and worrying time. Fortunately, there may be hope yet. By contacting us with your medical history and submitting a set of your fingerprints, we can use biometric comparison to determine your disease and provide a potential treatment. This will give you the opportunity to finally find relief from your condition and reclaim your freedom. Our experts will analyze your fingerprint patterns and compare them to a database of diseases to determine the cause of your symptoms, thus providing you with the help you need. We understand how difficult it can be to live with an unknown disease, so we strive to make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What Our Clients Say

I am happy with the technology and approaches of Nada Yoga and Guru Yogi Mohan. My son Rohan has been an autistic boy from his age two. He has been aggressive and being a medical professor, I have been trying my ways to find out a solution by myself. But finally, Nada Yoga gave me the freedom to come out of this struggle. Thanks, Nada Yoga and Guru Yogi Mohan.

Deena Levies,
Mission Bay

My son, Sasikanth, has been a boy with Down syndrome and mental retardation with deformity. He is 18 years old. We have been trying to find a cure for him since his birth. We didn't have a satisfactory result on our search. Finally, Guru Yogi Mohan gave him changes in forty days, and he came to normalcy. How to give thanks to Guru Yogi Mohan and his incredible knowledge!



My son, an 18-year-old body with many disabilities. We went to all major hospitals since he was born and we were not getting any results. Finally, we got chainages through Nada Yoga and Guru Yogi Mohan.

Honor and Respect.

Usha Athey

Explore Our Promise

The promise of modern science to the world is that there is a distinct human biology and anatomy to define and enumerate disabilities and rare diseases. The definition of medical anatomy is different from that of disability and autism. It is essential that we educate ourselves on the biology and anatomy of rare diseases, disabilities, and AMR if we are to survive and exist. By understanding these medical conditions, we can better provide care and care services to those affected. Furthermore, by understanding the biology and anatomy of these conditions, it can help us identify early signs and symptoms in order to provide prompt treatment. Ultimately, education on the biology and anatomy of rare diseases, disabilities, and AMR can be beneficial for the general population in terms of providing improved care for those affected as well as early prevention.

Get ready for redesign and survive from rare diseases

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