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Monk Overlooking at a Temple
Sunset Buddha Statue


The past century has seen a multitude of indications of climate change and rare diseases. Everything has been brought to the public's attention in order to gain a better understanding of the situation. AMR and human conditions remain conditions without remedy, leaving those responsible with the challenge of finding a suitable remedy for survival. Finally, spiritual masters suggest that one should follow the laws of nature and creation in order to achieve the desired outcome. This means that all inhabitants on earth must do their part in order to preserve the planet’s beauty and harmony. However, it is also important to accept that some damages have already been done, and that some of them cannot be reversed. Therefore, everyone should be mindful of their act…
Guru Yogi Mohan is a notable figure for guiding and educating people about the law of nature. Having learned the knowledge and laws of nature from Himalayan monks, he has written books and given talks about what he has learned. His teachings are enlightening, as they reveal the secrets of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga, which offer the world population the right information for survival in difficult situations. His teachings are invaluable for guiding people to follow the law of nature and to live their lives successfully. Through Guru Yogi Mohan's teachings, we can understand the importance of following the laws of nature and also gain a better understanding of how to thrive in our everyday lives.
Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga are ancient Himalayan knowledge systems capable of re-organizing and changing the human body and mind through natural processes. This knowledge is now available with Guru Yogi Mohan, the master of these technologies. The intention of the Nada Yoga Care is to provide the public with access to these ancient Yogic technologies and to facilitate the preparation for survival. Through this process, one can gain a greater understanding of life and its endless possibilities, as well as a sense of purpose and satisfaction. By practicing Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga, one can experience a deep inner peace, a powerful connection with nature and one's own true nature, and an overall feeling of wellbeing and health.

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