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  • What is Nada Yoga ?
    Nada Yoga is an ancient knowledge taught by the Himalayan masters for the exitances of the Generations.
  • How old is this theories?
    As per the available evidence of the tradition the Himalayan knowledge has been encrypted during 12000 BC as per the carbon dating . The reference given by the Dropa stones.
  • What is Dropa stones ?
    The Dropa Stones are a collection of stone disks discovered in 1938 by a Chinese archeological expedition on the Bayan Kara Ula mountain range in China. The stones, which had been carved with a spiral pattern and contained hieroglyphic inscriptions, were allegedly found in a walled tomb-like structure that was itself located inside a nearby cave. According to some interpretations of the hieroglyphs, the stones may tell the story of an alien race known as the Dropa, who crash-landed in the region 12,000 years ago. The Dropa Stones have been met with skepticism by mainstream science, primarily because of the lack of concrete evidence to substantiate the claims made by proponents of the Dropa theory. Nevertheless, they remain a source of fascination for many people and have inspired a variety of theories and speculations about their origin. After decoding this images , the researchers have understand that the picturization is the signature of Vedic theories.
  • Is Autism is curable? How you can claim that Autism is curable or changeable ?
    It is important to understand what autism is. Autism is changeable if you are able to go through the algorithm of autism. The first thing you have to understand is that the development of the human body is through states. The first one is prepartum and the second one is post partum. Prepartum is the body during the pregnancy's stage and post partum is the body after the birth and first cry. Syncing the prepartum body and post partum body is one of the major tasks after the birth. The prepartum is the structure and shape that will not have nerves, blood and bone. All the blood and bone is forming in the body only after the birth. When ever the first body and second body fails to synchronize, that will be show as autism. The syncing process of the fist body and second body we can establish through some process , that we called Nada Yoga Care.
  • What is the duration required for cure or change Autism?
    Autism is a complex disorder that appears in the body and behaves differently depending on the type of autism. There are different types of autism that have different symptoms and affect different parts of the brain. Autism is known to have a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, which make it difficult for people with autism to live independently. However it take 28 to 42 days for the changes from autism behaviors by following Nada Yoga Care .
  • What is the life of an autistic person or child after undergoing Nada Yoga Care?
    After the Nada Yoga Care therapy and redesign process the autistic will free from autism and such behaviors. In most cases, the autistic will be affected for retardation too. In 11 days from the beginning , mental and intellectual disabilities will be disappeared common understanding will be appeared. Aggressiveness, behavioral problems, deformity, etc. also will be also disapproved . Whatever it is, we will be giving the expected and possible normalcy of every person coming for redesign and that result they will get.
  • What guarantee you are promising and how one get it?
    In every case, we will evaluate the problem in our own way, and forecast the result and outcome before taking every case. And we will sign a contract agreement for that, if the offered result is not shown, we will be reimbursed any fees we received if any. Every case will work based on the developer agreement only. We respect quality in our activities.
  • How do I enroll for Nada Yoga Care?
    For the enrolment , they have to ask in writing for the admission for Nada Yoga Care. We will demand the required documents and case history, and our expert will check the medical and non-medical documents and give an appointment for decoding the body and mind. It's by using the fingerprint. If the patients or party agreed the terms mutually , we will fix the scheduled . That is the general procedures.
  • What are the other diseases and disabilities that disappear through Nada Yoga Care?
    Nada Yoga Care is promising to cure or change rare diseases and disabilities, blood cancers, bone cancers, autism, and deformities. The time required to redesign these cases varies. Nada Yoga has proven to be an effective method for curing or changing rare diseases and disabilities. The time required for redesigning these cases varies, but the overall time is about a 42 days. Nada Yoga provides a variety of alternative approaches to these disorders and the care team can determine which method will work best for each patient. Nada Yoga is currently being used by over 9,000 people around the world and has helped many people who have been diagnosed with rare diseases or disabilities.
  • What are the therapies available for unidentified diseases?
    Unidentified diseases are those that can't be identified by name or cause. With so many people living longer, there is a growing number of unknown diseases that are emerging and developing into chronic conditions. Some of the most common examples of unidentified diseases include Alzheimer's and cancer. We will evaluate such cases and organize a unique for formula for that . However it is , we will provide methodology for betterment of such patients.
  • What are other therapies you are doing for redesigning the body for different diseases?
    We have a lot of ancient methodologies for redesigning the body and mind. We don't use any kind of medicines because we don't give treatments for medically curable diseases. Instead, we change rare diseases and human conditions..We are using Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga to change rare diseases and disabilities. Nada Yoga is for creating new cells inside the brain and that helps to re-organize the damaged cells.. And Kayakalpa is for multiplication of the basic cells to the required parts of the brain and body. With the help of Kayakalpa body re-generate drastically.
  • What is the age group for accepting patients for Nada Yoga Care?
    For Nada Yoga care, the age is not considered. Because any age can be reduced through this process and new muscles will be developed. But we are giving more priority to children and young people. When it comes to yoga, age is no longer a factor. This practice can be done by anyone of any age, and through it you can receive amazing benefits!
  • Why this Kayakalpa is called living longevity theory and technology?
    Although people may be skeptical of the idea that one can reverse the aging process by doing this innovative procedure, Kayakalpa is known as living longevity technology because it grows new muscles, new blood, and new bones in the body. This innovative procedure has made a lot of progress in helping people keep control over their bodies against aging. It is also known as ageing control technology too.
  • Do you accepting students for learning it as a technology?
    We have been trying to encourage students to pursue careers in data science and marketing since we found that many of them are greatly interested in our Himalayan technologies .
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