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Redesign a Human Body 

Change the body from Autism, disabilities, Rare diseases and AMR

What you have to expect in  redesign a  "Damaged Body"

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Redesign a damaged human body 

As of today, there are more than 7,000 rare diseases in the register of rare, and in the list of the World Health Organization. The AMR is another crucial topic that proves the antibiotics will be resisted by our body and we are in risk for treating a disease today. There are a lot of disabilities which will not have a remedy in modern days with any of the medical science and drugs. Autism and disabilities are considered conditions that will not be treated or cured by modern medical approaches.

Here , the redesign Yogi, redesigning is novel concept that has been developed and adopted from ancient Himalayan knowledge. This is working based on two ancient technologies . They are Nada yoga and Kayakalpa yoga.

What is the ancient knowledge Nada Yoga ?

Nada Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the practice of sound and vibration. It is believed to have originated in India and is based on the Hindu philosophy of meditation and integration of mind, body, and spirit. It is a path of self-realization through the exploration and union of vibrations and sounds. Through Nada Yoga, practitioners are encouraged to explore their inner soundscape, as well as the soundscapes around them, to gain insight into their own inner peace. Nada Yoga techniques includes chanting toning. The practice can be meditative, calming, energizing and effective in healing physical and emotional imbalances.

What is Kayakalpa Yoga?

Kayakalpa Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that was developed in India thousands of years ago. It is an integrated set of practices that combine physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of Kayakalpa Yoga is to help people achieve a higher level of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This style of yoga focuses on the inner transformation of the individual, as well as the revitalization of the body and mind. Kayakalpa Yoga also helps to reduce stress and increase flexibility, while promoting relaxation and balance. The practice often includes asanas, pranayama and mudras, which are all designed to strengthen and detoxify the body, while simultaneously stimulating the mind and spirit. Kayakalpa Yoga is a holistic approach to health and wellness that can be beneficial anyone looking to improve their health.

Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga are powerful methods to reorganize the damaged human body. Together, these two yogic practices are being used to help those with autism, deformities, disabilities, and rare diseases to reconfigure their bodies in just 28 days. The therapies administered in a dark room with lots of technical specialties as by the theory of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga. The result will be an assured one for the person who is following the guidelines of the master of this Himalayan theory. The period for redesign process is 4 to 6 week. All kind of disabilities will be eliminated with in this period.

This revolutionary approach to healing is beneficial to anyone who is seeking to restore their physical health, while also experiencing inner peace and balance.

Further, the Kayakalpa yoga is known as living longevity technology and Nada Yoga is known as the mothers womb for recreating a damaged body with medically known curable.

Nada Yoga is a type of yoga that helps you to heal your body. It has been described as "the mothers womb" because it helps to build your body back up and make you feel better than ever. As per the definition and practice of this theory, all the rare diseases and disabilities are caused by the problem during the pre-partum period, which will not sync with the post-partum body developing after birth. The combination of Kayakalpa and Nada Yoga helps to produce particles to the body naturally for filling the loosed particles continually for 28 days. The result is starting immediately from the first day itself.

What you have to expect in redesign ?

Redesign is working according to the ancient theory of knowledge. This theory states that two bodies are developed, one in the mother's womb and one after birth. Autism, disability and rare diseases are caused by non synchronization of these two bodies. Through the Kayakalpa Doom, sound vibrations and specific actions help to produce particles in the brain, without using any chemicals or medicine. This is done within a safe, private and supervised environment with the help of Guru Yogi Mohan. By following this method, one can successfully achieve a healthy mind and body, without any risk or questions. All that is promised is happiness.

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