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Technology of redesign 

Red Fabric Waves

How it Works

The formation stage of life is said to be a life in water and the body is developing from tail to head. After 10 lunar months of this development process, a birth will take place. In our all sayings, life is calculated and discussed with the first cry on words only. Here, we have to understand the blood, bone, and other hormonal things are joining with the developed raw body only after the birth. It is through lot of technicalities. the main technicality is the temperature inside the mothers womb. It is nearly double to the external air. Because the uterus sack is filled with hot water. While the delivery process , the infant is coming out from the warm water (37 degree temperature inside the mothers body)and comparatively cold atmosphere ( The labor room temperature is calculated as 20 degree). Not only that , the baby is coming out to the high beam sounded atmosphere. In our atmosphere ,there are high frequency waves that happening as a continues process. This is 7.83 Hz and it goes up to 20.3 Hz).

There are many other mechanisms and technicalities to synchronize the first body and the second body. This is a major state and risk after the birth of a human being. In the established definitions and demonstrations are not considered these factors. All disabilities, autism, mental retardation, and rare diseases are caused by this basic reasons.

In the redesigning process, we have clear analytical methods to find out the real problem of the body whether it's autism or any other incurable diseases. For that, we have a terminology using the fingerprint of such a person. We will get the result after analyzing the fingerprint in various ways. After analyzing the fingerprint, we will organize a redesign course for such people and within that course, the body will be redesigned and the fingerprint will be gone and he can lead a normal life.

Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa yoga is helping to re-organize the body with in a short span of time. The minimum time requirement is 28 days and the maximum time requirement is 42 days. With in this this time the redesign process will be completed.

There are lots of invisible particles around us in the nature. We don't have control over the invisible particles. In ancient Indian methodology and approaches, it was defined what they are and how we can manage them. Based that principles , two important technology where taught by the masters for the future generations and disciples. They are Kayakalpa Yoga and Nada Yoga. The Vedas and sub Vedas are the guideline for this terminology. Vedas are the supreme guidelines for the complete living system and sub-Vedas defined the applications and methodology. They are sound, air, smells, magnetic fields, and repulsive forces are the invisible particles that create damage to the man.. The approaches to the management of invisible particles are taught in such scripts and sayings only. Guru Yogi Mohan Teaching this topics through schooling system. The redesign system is a kind of schooling for the body and mind for that one have to sit in the dark room doom and upon that the body getting redesigned as per the schedule. The body will change naturally in 28 hours while sitting in the organized place for redesigning. The beautiful part of this technology, we can see the change happening in the body drastically.

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