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Change Autism, Disabilities, Rare diseases and AMR

As per the theory of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa , there are another definitions for human conditions

The theory of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa includes a few more definitions for human conditions. These include being with the breath, being with the sound, and being with the silence. Autism and disabilities are conditions are not treatable with modern medicine with there present approach to the human body. As per the ancient Himalayan Knowledge all the disabilities can be changed to normalcy in 21 to 42 days. This is possible through the definition of Nada Yoga . We call it redesign.

Why Autism?

According to the ancient theory of human biology, every body goes through two states: pre-partum and post-partum. In this period, The body develops from the gut to the head, and after delivery, it develops from the brain to the leg. This is a two-state, and they both need to sync with each other for a normal development of the body. The human body is composed of many systems, the head, the brain, the heart and more. The most important part of all of these systems is that they need to be in sync with one another for a normal development.

If this syncing isn't worked perfectly, most of the mechanism won't sync properly and that will reflect in the body working mechanism as disability or autism. This difference will be projected in all area of the body and correspondingly to the mind also. This is reflecting as disabilities and aesthetic imbalance , autism and mental retardation and different kind of learning disabilities include mental retardation.

What to do?

Redesigning is the practical remedy for this problem. Redesigning is an ancient method with in the definition of Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa. Both are technical topics. In the redesign process, the body will be returning to normalcy and the autistic behaviors will be gone in about 21 to 42 days. In the redesign process, it is not a medical topic, and we are not recommending any kind of medicines. Because the medicine will not give any changes for these kind of human problems.

Technically, redesigning is a process that recreates a situation similar to the prepartum body. A human body is made of different kinds of particles, and most of those particles are invisible to the human eye. When this relationship is not established properly, disabilities can manifest in different forms. That is the cause of autism. In redesigning, Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa are working to re-establish the lost particles to the body naturally, and in one to two cell cycles, the body will be damaged and the mind will be restored to the normalcy like everyone else. The redesigning process will work, all kind of tumors also.

Indian Pilgrimage

The different Autism.


Autism with growth retardation

Autism with giant body

Autism with sleeplessness

Autism with depression

Autism with distractive behaviors

Autism with Retardation

Autism with bone deficiency etc

Autism is very unique for each individual. There is no similarity between one to another for the cause or appearance. In Nada Yoga and Kayakalpa practice, we consider each child's uniqueness and the Nada Yoga practice is also different.


Deformity in hands

Deformity in Legs

Deformity in shape

Deformity based on bone

Deformity based on muscles

Deformity by aesthetic imbalance

Deformity in face

Deformity in lip

Deformity in the body organs etc.

We recognize thousands of deformities and aesthetic imbalance the body that generally we called disabilities. But in the redesign process , Kayakalpa eliminates the deformities too.


In recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of people with physical deformities and aesthetic imbalance. These deformities are often treated as disabilities, but they can also benefit from an incredible redesign process called Kayakalpa.

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